Apr. 21st, 2017

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Some articles about teaching & educational institutions I found interesting recently, many from the Crooked Timber group blog (which has a feed here on DW at [syndicated profile] crooked_timber_feed):

"Get your students to know each other and make them write for each other" on Crooked Timber

"How could a research university systematically improve undergraduate instruction?" on Crooked Timber

"Why have classroom discussions anyway?" on Crooked Timber

"New Directions in Open Education" on Hapgood:

We’re moving

From Classroom Exhaust to Customizable Copies
From MOOCS to Loosely-Coupled Classrooms
From One Best Book to Choral Explanations

To Build a Brick Wall: My First Six Months at MIT as an International Student – Hiro Ono's Odyssey":
These days, on every college campus in the US, you will find an army of Asian international students whose English is so poor that you can hardly communicate with them. Or perhaps, you would not have a chance to communicate with them anyway, since they always hang out with friends in the same ethnic group. They would not speak a word in class discussions, but solve math problems like machines. They would rarely come to socials, and even if they do, they would stay outside of conversations and keep smiling silently and mysteriously.

I was one of them eleven years ago.

I also enjoyed "teachers are laborers, not merchants" by Fredrik deBoer which seems to be unavailable, and the Internet Archive is momentarily unreachable, but it should be in there.


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