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First, the websites (so I don't lose them)

Science Postcards -
Linked to picture books, these have fabulous, simple experiments that the kids can start with, and then move through the scientific process of modifying their proceedures to improve their conditions

- We did the basic experiment, then approached it from the "What if?" perspective - what if we....
- after brainstorming "what ifs" we then grouped them on a graphic organiser with 4 categories:
- Test now (we have all the stuff we need so can try it immediately)
- Test later (we don't have everything we need, but we can get it and test tomorrow)
- Ask an expert (we don't know how to test it)
- Too hard (we just can't get the stuff we need to test it.

(This seminar was mainly based at primary aged kids, but there were secondary teachers there too who seemed to think it would be appropriate for that level with slight modifications)
- You need to sing up to access the postcards, but it is free.

GNS science -
There are some good little teaching units and stuff under the education section - including some interactive stuff

Science Learning Hub -
Totally AWESOME!
More appropriate for secondary schools, but there is material that primary teachers can read, use or adapt for their kids.
Has video interviews of scientists, information sheets, interactive activities for a wide range of topics relevant to NZ. 
There is a strong focus on the nature of science on this website.

I find it a little confusing to navigate, but if you play for a bit you should find your way around.

NZ Sealion trust -
Has an education page

NZ Marine Studies Centre -
Has a fabulous range of resources for ECE, Primary and Secondary.
You can email them for identification cards for North Island and South Island rocky shore life
They have really groovy wee newsletters with games and activities about sea creatures in them too.

I have to go and watch soccer now, but will provide an update on Nature of Science when I get back!
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