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All that and I get to do the trials! I am so happy.

The upshot is that the Y10s will be doing a unit called Engineering next term. Basically, they get a choice of two topics each round. The first round will be either plastics or structures. They get some very basic information about each topic (a mixture of images, diagrams and brainstorming prior knowledge, I think) and then choose one or the other. Then they gather more information (a mixture of teacher-provided/directed flowcharts, diagrams and readings, and (for more able students) self-directed searching). From this, they come up with a hypothesis, aim or testable question and then write some learning outcomes for themselves (which the teacher then approves_. We're allowing work in groups of up to three. Then they work independently to meet the learning outcomes.

The cool bit, though, is that we're using an exemplar for the first round, so that students who really, really, really don't get what the point of all this is can follow along in the steps of the exemplar for the first round and then do their own work the second time. Still doesn't sound cool? I am making the exemplar - about making t-shirt transfers out of recycled plastic bags and sharpies, a la these posts on the topic.

I'm so excited. I'm so excited that it's the holidays and I am working on the exemplar and stuff.

Anyway, I expect that a lot of students will choose to do an investigation into different ways to recycle plastic bags, mostly because that's the one they'll be able to model off the exemplar the best while still doing their own work. I know about these fused plastic grocery totes, but what other plastic recycling ideas have you seen around?


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