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Community description:Teaching: a place for pedagogy, best practice, sanity tips and rants about all things teaching
Welcome to Teaching, a community for teachers from all countries, all sectors and all levels of experience.

Discussion of anything relevant to teaching or teachers is welcome here. Share your triumphs and your frustrations. Post pictures of inspiring work. Ask questions of other teachers. Talk about how national education policies affect you. Discuss latest educational theories. Show us your most awesome work outfit. Collaborate with other teachers in your field. Test your presentation ideas.

As teachers, privacy can be a huge concern. To that end, locking your posts is permitted, and, in fact, encouraged if it contains identifying features.

Every Friday, there will be a Fantastic Friday post, where you can leave a comment celebrating something great that you or a colleague did. It can be anything (some weeks, your mod considers it a win if no one has climbed out of a classroom window).

There are only a few rules here:

1. Be polite and respectful towards other members
2. This is a place for teachers, not for other people who want to complain about teachers
3. Please warn before posting a link to a locked post in your journal
4. Locked posts are encouraged for anything that contains identifying information
5. Please tag at your discretion, including the use of "resource for teaching" if it's something people might want to look at later

If you have questions or suggestions (and both are awesome and will be welcomed), then leave a comment to the sticky post or pm the mod - [personal profile] redsnake05.

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